Like most folks, I would pick up the occasional living social or groupon for an hour long massage from random massage places offering a deal that month. Every time I had the same results: the massage would feel great but as I walked to my car in the parking lot I immediately could feel everything start to tense up again. Ten months ago I purchased an hour long massage deal for Ann Roth. I went into the massage expecting the same results as before, but was so pleasantly surprised with the quality of Ann's massage that I scheduled another massage with her that day. Ann is the first massage therapist I have went to more than once, and from my bi-weekly appointments I have noticed a great change in my neck and back health. I highly recommend Ann!
Brandon S.
... I have had many massages in the past but because of the increasing pain and muscle stiffness due to my Fibromyalgia, Diabetic Neuropathy and Arthritis I stopped having them.  The therapist did not understand they were hurting me.  I would have to take extra pain medication just hours after each session.  Then in 2003, I gave Ann Roth a chance.  She was very easy to talk to and she listened to me AND my body.  She tailored made a massage routine that loosened my stiff muscles and also reduced my pain significantly.  I noticed the effects of her technique lasted not for a day but for days.  I noticed I was not using my pain medication between the scheduled times. As the months passed, I did not use as much medication for pain or the neuropathy.  I have often told her and many people she has gifted hands ... healing hands ...  
Pamela D.
I would like to give my experience with ann as my massage therapist because I have been with her for a number of years now and I have found her gifted and talented.  I have had various problems through these years as I am an older woman and she always attended to these issues in a way that was healing and reassuring.  She always provided those extras that are so appreciated, warmed table, special attention to my hands and feet, a wonderful scent to inhale and calming music.  I think a lot of her skills as a massage therapist and highly recommend her.
Randi D.
Ann Roth was recommended to me by a good friend  who told me that Ann could really help me with my chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. Ann did more than I would have ever expected a massage therapist could do. She not only helped relieve my pain but she brought overall wellness into my life through her massages. She cares about the emotional, physical and spiritual health of her clients and you can tell that during her sessions with you. I became a faithful client for 2 years until Ann moved to New Orleans. She is thorough, professional and talented. I used to tell her that she had "magic healing hands"... Just try her and you will see...
Stephanie D.
Ann has fixed a long on-going issue with my knee.  Very thorough and would highly recommend her to anyone!
Richard T.